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How can I use "custom fonts"?


  1. You need to host the font family in your site

  2. Then enter the exact name of the font-family in the custom font field:
    Appearance → Styling → Fonts → Custom Font → Choose the desired font

For example: Font-family Arsenal

Code Example

In head before the Usercentrics code:

....// <link rel="preconnect" href=""> <link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin> <link href=";700&display=swap" rel="stylesheet"> //Usercentrics code <script id="usercentrics-cmp" src="" data-settings-id="XXXXXX" async></script> //style <style> body{ font-family: 'Arsenal' ,sans-serif } </style>

Please keep in mind that Custom fonts do not work on the Admin Interface preview page, because the preview page is not hosting the font family.

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Usercentrics - PUBLIC