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How are Daily Active Users measured? (App)

Daily Active Users (DAU) is the measurement of the number of users who are active on an app each day. DAU is calculated based on the number of unique mobile users who had at least one active session in a 24-hour time frame.

What are ADAU per month?

Average Daily Active Users per month
= (DAU Day 1 + DAU Day 2 + … DAU Day n.) / number of days in the month)

→ Pricing is based on monthly Average Daily Active Users (ADAU)

Why use an average?

This formula enables to take into account variations in DAU for each app. This protects a non-linear usage of an app due to the nature of its business.

Example: Football results that get checked by customers only on match days, or shopping apps that experience an increased usage during sales.


For more details on how we define a session, go to

Please note: Apps uses the same mechanism with a difference in how often a session is called:
Web: Every 30 min
Apps: Once a calendar day

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