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I decided that I want to upgrade and become a Usercentrics customer. Where can I do this?

During the trial

During the trial there are two places in the Usercentrics Account Interface where you can upgrade:

  1. In the Account Interface in the upper right corner where it says “Upgrade”:


  2. Go to Company Details → Billing Account → Open Billing. In your Account & Billing overview you see a button with “Upgrade” within the Subscription section:


After the trial

After the trial phase has ended, there is a grace-period of 30 days in which you still have the possibility to upgrade your account. You can upgrade via the pop-up that is showing in your account in the Usercentrics Account Interface or via the Account & Billing overview of your respective company where you see a button “Upgrade” within the subscription section.


Please note: Only the Billing Account Owner has the possibility to upgrade the account. This is the person who’s email address has been used during the signup process on the website. Additional users that have been added to the account during the trial phase will therefore not see an “Upgrade” button in their accounts.  


Which payment methods do you offer to upgrade after the trial period ends?

Currently it’s only possible to pay with a credit card.


Do you need further help?

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