MineOS Integration (EN)

MineOS is a partner of Usercentrics with its own integration. This support article should help you to find the right spot within the Usercentrics Account Interface to install the integration.


  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab within the Usercentrics Account Interface


  2. Click on “Add integration” & follow the steps of the popup
    Installation step 1: About MineOS

    Installation step 2: Add information

    Installation step 3: Success


  3. Go to your email account afterwards. You should have received an email from MineOS to create your user - until then you will see a locked screen:

  4. Login into your MineOS account with your new credentials and configure your Privacy Center. At the end click on “Activate” to enable your Privacy Center.


  5. Come back to your Usercentrics account and activate the MineOS privacy link within your banner
    → Note that this action will resurface your banner


  6. Final state: