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Multi-Configuration Bulk Editing (Managing Multiple Settings-IDs)

In this article you will find a user guide for our feature Multi-Configuration Bulk Editing which is included with Premium.


What is Multi-Configuration Bulk Editing?

When managing many Setting-IDs/ Configurations with similar configurations, you may want to manually configure one of those configurations and then apply changes to multiple other ones. The CMP Admin Interface offers such a simple multi-configurations management operation which allows you to easily copy selected features from a source configurations to multiple target configurations.

Where to find the feature

A pre-requisite to using this feature is to have Permission Management enabled. Source and target configurations must belong to the same company.

The feature can be activated by your CSM or by contacting our Service Desk (only available for Premium customers) and is then available in the Admin Interface:
Account Settings (CMP Version 2) → There, you will find the “Transfer Settings” button which you can use to start a wizard that will guide you through the necessary steps:

The copy settings wizard

Step 1: Select features

  • In the first step you select the settings of the current Configuration which you want to copy over to other Configurations.

  • In the tree view you can convenienty select single features like “Data Controlle”, or whole sections of features such as “Appearance”.

  • Once you made your selection, click on the “Next” button to move to the next step.

Step 2: Select target Configurations

  • In the second step you select your target Configurations to where the selected features will be copied.

  • You will see all the Configurations for which you have the appropriate permissions (write access).

  • You may select one, many or all target Configuration.

  • From here you can also go back to the previous step, or, when ready with you selection click on “Next” to go the validation step.

Step 3: Validation

  • The validation step allows you to check if any of the selections might cause any issues.

  • The validation result is displayed and can be downloaded as. CSV.

  • The validation may fail for some target Configurations but succeed for others. In this case you save the validation results, proceed with the successfully validated Configurations, and then take care of resolving the issues of the failed ones and try later again.

  • When ready, click the “Apply Changes” button to finalise the process.


  • After applying the changes, you will receive a final confirmation message about the result to ensure that no issues were encountered.

  • You can then click on “Got it” to close the message and verify that all went well, by e.g. spot checking some of the target Configurations.

Good to know

  • Changes can be done at any time and through an “unlimited” amount of configurations

  • It does work for TCF 2.0 settings as well

  • Categories are not identified by name/label but by a so-called “category slug” which is an internal identifier. Therefore, watch that categories with the same name may have different identifiers. When copying categories, the categories in the target settings will then have the same name and internal identifier.

  • “Category slugs” are not exposed in the Admin Interface yet but can be viewed when executing this line of code in the browser console on a page where the CMP is loaded: UC_UI.getServices().forEach(s => console.log([,, s.categorySlug]));


Will Multi-Configuration Bulk Editing overwrite existing Settings in a target Configuration?

Yes, using the feature will overwrite the chosen settings to be copied in the target Configuration. For DPS it depends on the Template-ID, if the Template-ID equals in source- and target Setting-ID, the procedure will overwrite the current setting in the target Configuration.

I tried to copy one (or more) DPS to another target Configuration but received a validation error, how can I solve this?

When copying services, the respective category they are assigned to must exist in the target setting.

Guide to download

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